3 The Incredible Thing About The Wealthy City Dubai

In the last 60s, Dubai was only a sand with a building and more than a dozen cars. 50 years later, the city has developed astonishing with the luxury hotel, brilliant buildings.

Here are 3 incredible facts about this wealthy city according to The Richest site:

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the planet

Cranes in Dubai accounted for 20% of the entire world. This fast-growing city to the economists worried that the financial markets and real estate would collapse. Dubai’s Metro system is completed in 2009 with 42 stations and built in just 18 months. The amusement park Dubai land is being double wide Disney World being built here and is expected to become the largest non-point planetary customers with about 200,000 weekly visitors every day. Dubai also has several islands, the largest of which is the Palm Jumeirah. This island with a series of villas and resorts need to 94 million sand blocks to build.

Because of the surging speed, Dubai had no standard address system. Instead of having the blank address, on the envelope containing the blank sender to draw a map and written directions such as: “After the white mosque, the first city to have the golden door on the left”. If not to the city’s luxury hotels, foreign people from the airport to here are advised to have a map in hand to just for driving where thay want to go.

83% of Dubai’s population are immigrants

Workers coming to Dubai and built hundreds of building in this immigration from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Some 83% of immigrants in Dubai, who account for more than 50%, followed by the capture of 17% and Sensitivities of the rest are immigrants from other countries. Class inequality in Dubai. Accordingly, many migrant workers live and work in conditions extremely worse while the Sensitivities are rent, education and health, and the expatriate in higher classes enjoyed attractive pay.

Dubai’s crime rate is 0%

Operation under harsh Islamic Law was set up by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai is the “clean”city with the crime rate is 0%. In the city with the majority of the population are foreigners, people know that they can easily be jailed or deported by the misdemeanor. This transform Dubai became one of the most secure cities on the planet. The Government of Dubai boasts the city’s police force and out of class level breeze power this force with visitors. Each vehicle the way police in Dubai has a price equal to the charge of a person in the US study. The Dubai Police’s Super car model including Ferraris (500,000 USD), Lamborghinis (400,000 USD) and an Aston Martin price 1.79 million.