6 interesting points of the world’s most luxurious 7-star hotel

Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in Dubai, has a 7-star label with a lot of records, such as the total construction cost of 1.6 billion USD, the room price per night is up to 18,000 USD.


Over 320m above the ground, Burj Al Arab hotel is a construction designed by American architect, Tom Wright, while the interior is the work of designer Khuan Chew. Built on an artificial island 300 meters from Jumeirah beach, this lavish hotel is connected to the mainland by its own road. Construction began in 1994 and was completed in 1999. At that time, Burj Al Arab was the tallest tower in the world.

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It took more than 3 years to complete the foundation of the building with 230 40m long concrete pillars deep in the sea. The total construction cost is estimated at US $ 1.6 billion. The building is shaped like a boat with many areas with 22 kara gold leaf and 24,000 m2 of marble. The balconies are designed with many shapes and colors at different levels, from the blue of the sea to the mint green or yellow light.

Luxurious Duluxe Suite room

The hotel has all 202 luxurious duluxe suite rooms scattered across 26 floors. Each room is like a large apartment spread over 2 floors designed in warm colors. Each room has its own hallway, a bedroom, bathroom and air-conditioned living room, along with glass walls with stunning views of the Dubai coastline, Internet access and personal services. other. The bathroom is made of marble, has a massage bathtub and gold inlaid instrument. The double rooms here have 5 different prices, the lowest from $ 2,000 in the summer, and $ 3,000 in the winter-spring holiday.

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Royal Suite Room

Compared to the luxury of the duluxe suite, the more luxurious royal suite is priced at US $18,000/night, including helicopter service, airport transfer with Rolls Royce, tickets to Assawan Healthclub as well as home. Sea cargo. Class royal suites has two bedrooms, two bathrooms with jacuzzi Jacuzzi, Internet access service, elevator as well as separate cinema.

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There are 8 world-class restaurants and bars converging in Burj Al Arab. Bab Al Yam and Junsui serve breakfast, in which Al Mahara is considered the most advanced restaurant. Al Mahara specializes in seafood with a wide glass wall design overlooking the marine park. This is also one of the 10 best restaurants in the world. The 199m Al Muntaha restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy cocktails or afternoon tea. Al Iwan specializes in Middle Eastern and international cuisine, while Majlis Al Bahar is located on the hotel beach and serves Mediterranean cuisine.

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Equipment and services

The reputation of Burj Al Arab is not only due to its luxury but also the best service quality here. Despite being a tourist attraction, managers are very interested in customer privacy and set up security systems so that crowds of tourists can’t get close to hotel furniture and restaurants unless they have reserved in advance. In addition, all visitors must follow separate dress codes. For example, men do not wear shorts, T-shirts, while women cannot wear short skirts. In addition to 8 restaurants and bars, the hotel also has 4 swimming pools, an Assawan spa is equipped with Jacuzzi, spa, gym, tennis court and Wild Waldi water park.

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Skyview Bar and the most expensive cocktail in the world

On the 27th floor of the hotel is Skyview bar, which is reserved for guests staying at the hotel or having dinner at one of the restaurants here. Overlooking the panoramic view of the emirate and enjoying a cocktail at 200m above sea level, it offers a great experience for anyone with a chance to enjoy.

Burj Al Arab not only has expensive rooms but also possesses two records: the most luxurious hotel and the most expensive cocktail in the world. If you want to spend money quickly, you can spend $9,000 to enjoy a cocktail with more than 200-year-old ingredients prepared by Salvatore Calabrese, the world’s leading beverage expert.