7 Facts About Dubai You Should Stop Misunderstanding

1. Dubai is a country

Dubai is the most populous city in the Middle East. So a lots of people misunderstand that Dubai is a country. But in fact, Dubai is only a city that belongs to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

2. Dubai is the kingdom of billionaires

Actually according to the statistics, the whole world has about 5,000 dollar billionaires, but only 20 of them are people of Dubai. Instead of that, Beijing is the capital of the billionaires and New York City ranked second in this rankings.

3. Dubai has no the poor

Because of the number of immigrants is quite large, Dubai still exists pretty much poor people. There are still a large number of the poor in Dubai. The average wage of workers here only about from 225 USD to 345 USD a month, while the cost of living extremely expensive and really high.

4. Dubai prohibits of drinking alcohol

Because of the Muslims in Dubai, so many tourists have thought that coming to Dubai will not be drinking alcohol. However, alcohol is still sold in the merriment and the dissipated area at night to cater for visitors and those who are not religious.

5. Dubai has no unemployment

Almost people often think that coming to Dubai they can find a good job. But they will be deported if they can not find a job that is suitable for them. To local people, finding a job is not easy and simple thing.

6. Dubai is a clean ecological city

Dubai still exists some problems at the present. Such as the continuous increase in population, the skyscraper buildings grow and develop like mushroom, the lack of clean water and waste disposal treatment system is still not completed. Then Dubai is a city that can not clean as people think.

7. Everything in Dubai is modern

Technology immensely popular in Dubai such as air conditioner in the bus station or police robot and subways at the airport. These things make people think that everything is modern in Dubai. However, in many districts do not have sewerage system and drains, so just need a light rain can also engulf the whole city.