Absolutely stay away from these taboos when you decide to travel in Dubai

The most luxurious country in the world is always the first choice when anyone intends to schedule a tourist destination. So these taboos are really necessary for many people, as well as having an interesting and meaningful trip.

Known as one of the richest and most magnificent countries in the world, Dubai has the highest level of infrastructure and technology. So this country always attracts millions of tourists every year here. However, Dubai has a number of rules for visitors that are strict from action, gestures to both lifestyle and culture.

1. Do not smoke arbitrarily in public places


The story of smoking in public places is very few countries accept, and in addition to a country like Dubai, everything becomes a peak, it is more difficult to agree. But it is not that you are not allowed to smoke in this country at all, because there will be a number of places equipped with ashtrays, which allow you to use them. But it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in closed areas such as air-conditioned rooms, elevators, … will be fined a huge amount of money.

2. Dress must be discreet, decent


Why is this possible? We all know the majority of people in Dubai follow Islam, so it is understandable to dress securely and minimalist. There will be a number of locations that are strictly regulated for costumes for people as well as tourists. For example: Men are not allowed to wear necklaces and wear long pants through the ankles, women must wear clothes to cover all the body only to leave the face. But that is just a rule in certain places, but also swimming or going to other places you can freely choose the appropriate sub-pages.

3. Do not drink alcohol or beer


If you use alcohol in public, you may have to go to jail. But alcoholic substances such as alcohol, beer, fermented drinks, … are not banned in this country. However, only areas such as restaurants, hotels, bars, … have the right to sell because they are granted business certificates. And it is also amazing that only in these places do you have the right to drink freely, but the quantity is still strictly limited.

4. Absolutely stay away from addictive and stimulating substances

With extremely strict laws in Dubai, the use of drugs and addictive drugs cannot be tolerated. Besides, the tourists are also not allowed to take drugs with them freely without a doctor’s appointment.


Not only that, the tranquilizers, anti-aches are not allowed to use arbitrarily if you come here. And of course, if discovered, your first job must pay a sizable amount of money, and be confiscated completely and can be deported back to the country.

5. In public places it is not allowed to express love

Culture expressing love in public is the darkest thing in this emirate. For the majority of Muslim people, they have a view on this issue not as open as in Western countries. Therefore, the people of Dubai will not accept this action is not surprising. And if you happen to have intimate and affectionate actions, that person will suffer from the envy of the native people. Please take note of this to express your affection with your lover in the right place.