Best Desert Safaris in Dubai

A safari experience in the desert of Dubai is one of the most action-packed activities in the world that manages to excite people before they even arrive. Although it was only sand back in the day, it quickly transformed into a futuristic city consisting of high-end technology and mind-blowing architecture. Today, the city captivates tourists from across the globe and offers everything a traveller needs from a much-needed vacation abroad, especially when you include the striking stretch of desert that provides endless fun and entertainment.

Your trip to the UAE jewel won’t be complete without embarking on a safari tour in the desert of Dubai. Whether you want to enjoy a slow journey on the back of a Camel, an adrenaline-infused expedition on a 4×4, or an unforgettable ride in a hot air balloon, you’ll have a truly mesmerizing experience when you choose one of the desert safari trips we included below.

1. Evening Desert Safari

This is the perfect opportunity to see the sky burst into shades of red and yellow amid the wide range of dunes. You can either ride on the back of a Camel, enjoy a thrilling 4×4 dune-bashing experience, or look forward to a magnificent hot air balloon ride. After the exploration experience is done and dusted, you will also be treated to a mouth-watering BBQ dinner along with cultural programs to keep you entertained.

2. Hummer Desert Safari

Embark on an entertaining four-wheel drive experience on the desert of Dubai, where you can enjoy a 45-minute adventure as the Hummer vehicle bashes the dunes along the way. Once this incredible trip is completed, you can also enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner along with cultural and hookah shows, including Tanura dances and fire dancers.

3. Hot Air Balloon Safari

Catch a glimpse of the beautiful Dubai sunrise as you embark on an early morning hot air balloon ride over the desert. This is the only experience where you’ll receive a bird-eye view across the Dubai desert, making it one of the must-do activities whilst on vacation. The trip will last no longer than an hour and can accommodate up to 24 people per trip. Once you’re back on land, you will also get to meet a Falcon, the national bird of Dubai.

4. Morning Desert Safari

This is the ideal experience for those that are limited by time but still want to see the dunes before they leave. The trip duration is around 3 hours and includes a host of interesting activities, such as sand-skiing, sandboarding, Camel rides, and ATV rides. With the morning desert safari, you can choose between hot air balloon rides, a 4×4 experience, or a slow and steady camel ride.

5. Overnight Desert Safari

Experience a true sense of wanderlust and euphoria when you experience the Dubai desert at night. The duration for the overnight desert safari is 9 hours, and you’ll get a makeshift tent to stay for the night. Once the safari vehicles leave, you can enjoy a captivating ride in the dark while enjoying the view of millions of stars.