DHL Global Forwarding launches First Humanitarian Logistics Center in Dubai

Plantronics, in partnership with HP, provides high quality video conferencing solutions DHL Global Forwarding has launched the first Global Competency Center for logistics for humanitarian purposes in Dubai (United Arab Emirates -UAE).

On February 6, 2019, DHL Global Forwarding, the leading international air, sea and road transport provider, has consolidated its portfolio of logistics services for human activities. into the first global competition center for logistics because of humanitarian activities, designed to meet the growing demand for these logistics services on a global scale. The Center works closely with all of DHL’s business divisions to provide relevant services and products to meet customers’ needs. With over 15 years of initial experience and providing implementation of solutions for complex humanitarian activities, Mr. Fatima Ait Bendawad has been appointed to lead this Center.

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The center will provide non-governmental organizations, aid agencies and suppliers and manufacturers with a wide range of services including air and sea transport, customs clearance and warehousing. and distribution of humanitarian shipments. These services will be supported by a control tower and a data analysis service designed to provide a higher degree of visibility of freight for humanitarian aid situations at any level of urgency and any complexity.

Organizations can also use the Center to connect to DHL Global Forwarding’s global freight network to deliver goods quickly and efficiently, as well as industry-specific services including cold-chain and temperature-controlled shipments for life sciences and health care – very important for public health support projects involving providing long-term medicine and medical equipment to developing areas.

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As a place of frequent global relief operations, Dubai is now home to a number of major logistics centers including the International Humanitarian City, the largest humanitarian center in the world, where 9 UN agencies and 48 non-governmental organizations operating logistics activities. DHL’s center in Dubai will play a pivotal role in coordinating humanitarian logistics services globally, by leveraging expertise in regional centers in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe – to optimize Schedule delivery schedules and routes to areas that need resources.

DHL has extensive experience in disaster management activities – including the implementation of disaster response groups (DRT) including DHL experts to provide on-ground logistics support in carpet areas. natural painting; and disaster preparedness airport (GARD) program, organized joint workshops with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to prepare local airport management for logistic issues related to disaster situations.

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With over a decade of experience working in this field, Mr. Massar Diop has built a strong network of contacts with UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and important suppliers. to provide the best solutions for their needs, in different regions of the world.