Discover a $10 million hospital for camels in Dubai (Part 1)

Zabeel lay motionless on the mine table. Doctors are undergoing surgery to remove the abscess on the “1-year-old” neck. Nothing unusual here except that Zabeel is a long-necked child, like every other “patient” here.

This is a surgery at the Camel Hospital in Dubai (DCH), a modern $ 10 million treatment facility for camels. It has attracted the attention of camel connoisseurs worldwide.

Ali Redha, general manager of DCH, emphasized: “This is the only advanced medical facility specialized in treating camels around the world. Although Qatar has had a hospital and a breeding center since 2015, it said Since opening in December 2017, DCH has become a destination for camels throughout the United Arab Emirates or even Oman.

Khám phá bệnh viện 10 triệu USD cho lạc đà ở Dubai

It is estimated that DCH now has to be doubled to be able to serve camel patients who are flocking more and more. The application of modern medical technology to the care of VIP camels brings DCH achievements and become famous in the region.

In Dubai, with more than 300,000 camels, the industry displaying these animals is thriving. From camel beauty contests to Government funding, these animals are now being bred to race.

Camel racing is one of the money-making areas. The Al Marmoom Heritage Festival simulator this year will award $ 40 million in prize money to the winner. The winner of the Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra Festival race will also receive over $ 800,000 in prize money.

Camels also have unbelievable prices, especially when they are females and tend to be fast. One of the most expensive female camels in the world was bought by Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed for $ 2.7 million in a beauty pageant.

Khám phá bệnh viện 10 triệu USD cho lạc đà ở Dubai - Ảnh 1.

With such a great value, it is no surprise that the owners of these camels prefer to redeem a $ 10 million modern hospital, with the most modern technology, for intensive treatment of their pets. surname. The hospital currently has 65 staff, including an international team of doctors and specialists, capable of simultaneously treating 22 camels with equestrian technologies in Europe and the US but modified to fit these nearly half-tonne animals.