Dubai Creek is located in the center of Dubai, which separates the Deira and Bur Dubai area. It plays an important role in the everyday life of the people in Dubai.

Water taxis and Abras  or the small wooden dhows  can be found in Dubai Creek. Many residents use these as their daily mode of transportation due to cheaper rate and quicker to reach the other side of destination, obviously because there is no traffic jam, and at the same time enjoying the beautiful views.

There are also Souks or Arabic markets on both sides of the Creek, where all kinds of goods are being sold in a traditional way. Walking along the Dubai Creek or even spending some time for coffee or tea in the various restaurants in the area is a popular activity that can be commonly seen.

Most remarkable buildings along the side of the creek are Dubai Twin Towers, Dubai Creek Tower, Sheraton Dubai Creek, National Bank and The Chamber of Commerce.