Dubai Marathon 2019 recorded a massive record series

Dubai Marathon run 2019 has just taken place over the weekend to witness a series of records coming from African champions.

Dubai Marathon celebrates its 20th anniversary with the event of 2,500 attendees in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. As one of the highest prize winning tournaments in the world, Dubai Marathon attracts a lot of talented people running the long-distance world.

The runners of Ethiopia dominate the 42,195km track for men. Getaneh Molla won the championship with a time of 2 hours 3 minutes 34 seconds. This time not only helped 25-year-old athletes break the league record for 26 seconds but also helped him become the first person to hit the “sub 2:04” mark (running a marathon under 2 hours 4 minutes) at the Dubai Marathon. Getaneh Molla was also considered the “fastest runner in the world” at the first time attending a marathon. Previously, the knack of this leg was only 5,000m and 10,000m.

Dubai Marathon 2019 ghi nhận hàng loạt kỷ lục ‘khủng’

At about 6 seconds after Molla, Herpassa Negasa compatriot took the runner-up award (2:03:40) and Asefa Mengstu finished third with 2:04:24 time. However, all attention was drawn to the women’s run when Ruth Chepngetich became the third female runner to run a fast marathon in history with time 2:17:08. Previously, two seniors were recognized as the fastest marathon runners including Paula Radcliffe (world record holder 2:15:25, London 2003) and Mary Keitany (2:17:01, London Marathon 2017).

Dubai Marathon 2019 ghi nhận hàng loạt kỷ lục ‘khủng’

Chepngetich became the first Kenyan female athlete to win at Dubai Marathon after a decade. After this 24-year-old female athlete is 2-legged running Ethiopia: Worknesh Degefa (2:17:41) and Workenesh Edesa (2:21:05).

Dubai Marathon 2019 ghi nhận hàng loạt kỷ lục ‘khủng’

All male and female champions receive a prize of $ 100,000. This is a bonus that has been reduced by half compared to 2018. Dubai Marathon has been considered the richest run in the world when there are bonuses for champions up to $ 200,000. But since this year, the organizers have cut the total value of bonuses to a relatively low level, ceding the bonus king to Boston Marathon, where the champions pocketed $ 150,000.