Dubai uses AI to arrange bus routes

The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is applying AI to map out the best travel routes for city bus routes.

According to Cities Today, RTA said the fastest updated machine learning algorithms, the shortest route for 2,158 buses on 150 routes across Dubai.

RTA has been testing new AI systems on 10 public bus routes for the past 30 days. The bus will use Nol Card – a smart card used on public transport in Dubai. The AI ​​system will then rely on information from this card to manage the schedule, bus stop time, which route is the busiest, which station is used the most during peak hours, and which station has no passengers.

“By using AI algorithms to analyze the collected data, bus operators can make the decision to ignore the stop if there are no visitors, even proposing to remove the stations. There will be no more visitors in the future, “said Ahmed Mahboub, Managing Director of Smart Services at RTA’s Business Support Services division.

After being put into operation, the new AI system has helped to cut down 13.3% of time wasted on bus routes after a month.

Mahboub emphasized that the application of AI for bus operations will contribute to improving Dubai’s public transport system in the future. In addition, new technology also contributes to saving fuel, reducing carbon emissions into the environment as well as saving time for employees.

Dubai is a wealthy city and is one of the seven emirates of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). In recent years, the government of this country has focused on promoting technology, focusing on the application of AI in many different key areas. Public transportation is one of them.

Currently, Covid-19 boom and falling oil prices are a double blow, causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs in the UAE, where nearly 90% of the workforce are migrants. Many unemployed people are stuck in the UAE, where there are no social security nets for foreigners.

When the epidemic first started, the UAE government asked employers to hire migrant workers to provide food and accommodation for workers, even though they did not have a job. However, many companies do not comply, leaving workers to live on charity food. Dubai authorities did not respond to a request for comment.