Enjoy 9 wonderful experiences only when traveling to Dubai (Part 3)

Explore the Bastakia neighborhood

If you want to enjoy a quiet space with an ancient look, the old town of Bastakia is definitely the place you should visit. This place is mainly immigrants and foreigners living. Different from the lavish tourist attractions, Bastakia stands out with traditional houses made of plaster and limestone. This place is mainly immigrants and foreigners living. With the harsh and hot climate in Dubai, the houses here are built with Barjeel wind towers to catch the wind and cool the whole house. Any house with many wind towers proves that they can afford it.

trải nghiệm thú vị tại Dubai phố cổ AI Bastakia

The neighbourhoods here also attract visitors because of the calm and gentle space, art galleries and cafes are opened among these special architectures. Spending a leisurely afternoon enjoying local food and taking a water taxi ride along the river will also be a delightful experience in Dubai .

Explore the vast desert Safari

Safari is part of the Arab desert, which is associated with the name of the famous “Silk Road” from thousands of years ago. Traveling to Dubai without visiting, exploring the vast Safari desert once is a pity. On 70 km from the city center and about 30 minutes by car on the southern Oman highway, exploring this sanctuary promises to be an enjoyable Dubai experience that you will never forget.

There are many services such as crossing the desert on powerful Land Cruisers, experience riding a camel or flying in a hot air balloon to see the entire Safari desert is also a good suggestion. Dinner in the desert at sunset is also a very interesting activity. You will enjoy grilled goat meat, camel milk … and watch the belly dancing dancers in charming traditional costumes.

Enjoy a dance music at the Dubai Fountains

Breathtaking, interesting, and completely free are words people often use when they mention it. If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, you’ve probably admired the Belaggio fountain. But the fountain of Dubai is even more modern, taller and much bigger.

trải nghiệm thú vị tại Dubai Dubai Fountains

Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy nearly 1000 different artistic water spray. Especially if you have a chance to watch a water music show in the evening. When the night still falls, water jets sprayed at a height of 150m will harmonize with laser light, thousands of lights and combine classical, modern, extremely attractive, attractive and interesting music. taste. This will be an unforgettable experience in your Dubai tour.

“Relax” on sunlit beaches

Finally, an interesting experience in Dubai that you should not miss is the “drop your soul on sunlit beaches.” Although the main terrain in Dubai is a desert of white sand and rocks, this city also owns many beautiful beaches such as AI Khan beach, Marina beach, Ajiman beach, restaurants… are equipped with air-conditioning to serve tourists, if you want to have fun on the golden sand flooded with sunlight, remember to bring sunscreen to protect your skin. .

In addition, many Dubai hotels also have private beaches for their visitors, and one of the best options for you is Al Mamzar Beach and Jumeirah Beach Park.

Above are the top 9 interesting experiences in Dubai that you will regret if not done. Please take note of it for your next trip.