Having a baby in Dubai, the couple had to pay £100,000 to get the baby home

Born prematurely in Dubai, a young couple must pay a £ 100,000 hospital fee to take their babies home.

A British father is facing a bill of up to 3 billion after his wife gave birth prematurely in a Dubai hospital.

Azhar Saleem, 26, and his wife Syeda Khola Adnan, 23, plan to give birth to their daughter Amal, back in England shortly after returning from their trip to Dubai. But things were unexpected when Syeda was denied a visa and the couple was forced to remain in Dubai. During the paperwork, the wife went into labor and was forced to give birth at NMC Royal Hospital. The baby was born 23 weeks premature in July 2019.


Azhar Saleem said he and his wife Syeda Khola Adnan, 23, were not allowed to bring Amal’s daughter home until they paid the money. While traveling to Dubai, Syeda gave birth to her daughter at 23 weeks and she weighed just 4 ounces. It is known that the young couple married in Dubai in December 2018, then she became pregnant in January this year when she returned to England.

While traveling in Dubai, Adnan was unable to apply for a visa to return to the UK due to false information. The couple has reapplied and hopes to October will be resolved. But on July 14, Adnan had emergency cesarean section. “At first we wanted to go to the public hospital, but it was so urgent so we had no choice”.


Because there is no insurance in Dubai, the hospital fee can be up to 3 billion dong and can continue to up to 6 billion if their daughter continues to be kept here.

They also said that this hospital does not allow them to pay hospitalization within 1 year. And only when they can pay this money can take their daughter to England. The couple has now set up a page calling for community donations in hopes of getting a small amount of that huge amount.

“My life never thought of asking others for help, but sometimes you have to throw away your pride and do everything you can to win the person you love”.