Incredible things about the rich city of Dubai

In the late 1960s, Dubai was just a stretch of sand with a building and a dozen cars. Fifty years later, the city has grown to astonishing high-end luxury hotels and buildings.

Here are some incredible facts about this rich city:

1. Dubai has a city within it

Continuing to impress the world by its lavishness, Dubai is building a city with proactive weather right inside the city. This city will be 2.25 times larger than Monaco.

2. Dubai is the fastest-growing city on the planet

Cranes in Dubai account for 20% of the world. The city is growing so fast that economists worry that the real estate and financial markets will collapse. Dubai’s metro system was completed in 2009 with 42 stations and was built in just 18 months. Currently, Dubailand amusement park is twice the size of Disney World being built here and is expected to become the largest tourist attraction on the planet with about 200,000 visitors per day.


Dubai also has several artificial islands, the largest of which is Palm Jumeirah. This island with a series of resorts and villas requires 94 million cubic meters of imported sand to build. Because of its rapid growth, Dubai does not have a standard address system. Instead of space with the address, the envelope has space for the sender to draw a map and write instructions such as: “After the white mosque, the first street to the house has a yellow door on the left.” If you are not going to the luxurious hotels of the city, foreigners from the airport are advised to have a map on hand to show the driver where you want to go.

3. Organize camel racing with robots

Camel racing is a popular sport in Dubai, like football with Americans and hockey with Canadians. Because of the small camel size, only children can participate in the race. Instead of the children of Dubai or Emirati residents taking part in the camel race, many children were kidnapped to Dubai to participate in this race. Eventually, the incident broke and Dubai had to find a solution, using a child-sized robot to race the camel. The price of these robots is from 300 to 10,000 USD.


4. Everything in Dubai needs cooling

Dubai is a desert city with frequent sandstorms and temperatures can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit (nearly 49 degrees Celsius). If it were not for the air conditioning system, the buildings would melt in the sun and the people would be burned alive. Therefore, the buildings are equipped with vertical cooling systems with powerful pumps, pushing water vertically to cool. These pumps usually have to be installed on many floors of a building because many buildings have more than 100 floors. Because Dubai is in the middle of the desert, the pumps have to drill deep to find water with millions of liters per year.