Marvel at the supercar cemetery in Dubai

It is not difficult to find super cars that many coveted are thrown back on the street or airport parking in Dubai.

Unemployment, crime or housing are a big problem for any major city in the world. But in Dubai, they are not bothered by the story of many abandoned super cars in the “graveyards” like nobody!

It is not difficult to find super cars that many covetous people are thrown back on the street or parking lot of Dubai airport. This situation has lasted for more than 5 years in the most prosperous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The police are no stranger to being notified of Porsches, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar – with the key in the lock – languishing for owners who don’t make an appointment to return. They were also not surprised to find a Ferrari Enzo, which is the desire of the discerning toy car lovers, to be abandoned in the parking lot at the airport. With prices no less than 2 million USD/unit, worldwide there are less than 400 cars of this type.


Most of the owners of the above luxury cars ‘quit running for people’ because they were unable to pay the debt. Under Sharia law applicable in Dubai, debt is criminal and difficult to avoid jail time. As a result, the number of businessmen in Dubai who are jailed for failing to repay their debts is increasing as the UAE is struggling with the effects of the global financial crisis and the shocking oil prices.

On average 2,500 people leave the UAE monthly and leave unpaid debts, of which 8% are foreigners. This oil-rich country has no bankruptcy laws, so many people find ways to escape to avoid imprisonment. The Sun newspaper quoted an Englishman in Dubai explaining the financial crisis as the reason behind the abandonment of supercars at the airport.


According to Gulf News, about 2,000-3,000 cars are abandoned each year in Dubai. The car park at the airport was accidentally turned into a ‘graveyard’ for super cars covered with dense dust. Typically, the police will publicly announce each suspected car abandoned within 15 days. If the owner shows up in time, he or she can get the car back after paying all parking fees. However, almost no owners spoke and most of the cars were auctioned off after the deadline passed. According to local media, there are amazing cars that are amazing and this is an opportunity for some car enthusiasts but not enough money bags.