Rich kid Dubai experienced the feeling of being poor for the first time

“Father didn’t set a limit on my spending,” said Reni. Rich kid from Dubai is used to spending freely until living with a poor immigrant family.

Reni (20 years old), a rich kid from Dubai (UAE), experienced a life of poverty and poverty for the first time when participating in the program Rich Kids Go Skint.

Reni was born into a wealthy family to a Syrian millionaire father. Therefore, from a young age, the young man has had a habit of wasting money, not knowing the word “save”.

Reni (20 years old) is from Dubai, has lived in silk velvet since he was a millionaire.

He was sent by his parents to study in England in expensive and quality schools for many years. On average, Reni spends at least £ 2,000 a month on living expenses on herself. This figure does not take into account London apartment rentals fall at 2,500 pounds / month and restaurant meals per day.

Reni is currently studying Marketing and Publishing with tuition fees of up to 12,500 pounds / year. Four years in college, the boy spent at least 85,000 pounds from his parents.

“My father fully funded my lifestyle, from school, accommodation to night parties. There is always a waiter on my side who is ready to meet all my needs. My father did not set a limit on spending and obviously I can always ask for more”, Reni said.

The boy admitted once trying to work as a salesman but only made fun because his salary of 7 pounds per hour was not even enough for him to “polish his shoes”.

Living with a poor immigrant family, Reni knew for the first time what it meant to live in a cramped situation, taking care of every meal.

Joining the program, the rich kid from Dubai first experienced the feeling of poverty when moving to live with an immigrant colored family of 7 members.

The Nigerian couple Lisa Ukpebor lives with five children in south London. The work of the two adults is unstable with meager income, only £ 1,400-1,500 for the whole family, including the £ 1,000 allowance.

The “born golden spoon” boy was shocked to learn that the couple had to fast every day to save £ 280 for their eldest son to attend a soccer class and £ 70 for his daughter’s tuition.

“The mother Lisa mentions quitting breakfast casually as if it weren’t a big deal. But if I were in their place, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I feel very sad to know this, “Reni said.

Rich kid was even more shocked when he learned that all 7 people only have 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms for living together. Meanwhile, he has gotten used to the fact that his house is spacious and has six bathrooms.

Reni with the challenge of buying food enough for 7 members with only £ 7 in his pocket.

During two days living with the Ukpebor family, Reni helped others with housework, cleaning and cooking by herself. The couple gave him a challenge to prepare meals for the whole family with the total amount of only 7 pounds.

The problem of a poor family makes it difficult for the young man to live in abundance. Finally, Reni can only choose to buy white rice with salad.

Living in a completely different situation from everyday life, Reni said that a brief experience helped herself change her outlook on life.

Also, the affection between Reni and the Ukpebor kids is quite good. Before breaking up with his family, the rich kid gave 7 members a guitar and a book for the children to learn new skills.

Reni said she kept in touch with new friends and said that now she lives less wasteful, knows how to cook for herself, and cuts down on spending.