Shocking facts about Dubai economy

The amount of gold traded in 2013 weighed more than 354 African male elephants or daily oil output that was enough to cover 4.5 Olympic swimming pools … the shocking interesting facts about Dubai.

Dubai real estate is growing very fast. One in four cranes on earth has one in Dubai. This country accounts for 24% of the cranes on earth. To build Palms artificial island, Dubai imported 94 million cubic meters of sand. This volume is enough to cover 2.5 Empire State buildings. Burj Al Arab’s interior is decorated with nearly 1,790m2 of 24-carat gold leaves, enough to cover 46,265 Mona Lisa.

Dubai’s police force uses a supercar to impress visitors on a high-class city. One of those supercars is the Ferrari FF ($500,000), Lamborghini Aventador ($ 397,000) and the Aston Martin One-77 ($1.79 million). Meanwhile, in the US, the most expensive university tuition is 247,908 USD for 4 years.

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Nearly 85% of Dubai’s population is foreigners, mostly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Dubai, $300-10,000 robots are used to replace illegal child labor in camel races to handle kidnapping.

The Burj Khalifa building has 160 floors and is so high that people living on the 150th floor or above must pick up the dawn earlier than other residents. You can see Burj Khalifa from 95km away. This means that if this building is in Freiburg, Germany, you can still see it from Strasbourg, France.

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In 2013, the volume of gold bars traded in Dubai was 2,250 tons, worth $ 70 billion, weighing more than 354 elephants. An African male elephant weighs from 2,268 to 6,350 kg. Dubai is building a weather-controlled city that is 2.25 times larger than the Principality of Monaco.

In 2013, the number of visitors to Dubai was 11 million, more than China’s Shenzhen city population. Shenzhen has about 10.35 million people, is the 3rd most crowded city in China and 12th in the world. 39% of the space at the famous Burj Al Arab hotel is wasted and uninhabited. This 7-star hotel is the 4th tallest in the world. Royal Suite room rates here are up to 20,000 USD/night. With that money, you can buy 10 15-inch MacBook Pro’s.

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Dubai’s daily oil production is 50,000 – 70,000 barrels, equivalent to 11,000m3, enough to cover nearly 4.5 Olympic swimming pools. At the height of 1991, Dubai produced 400,000 barrels of oil a day.

Net assets of the 4 richest billionaires Dubai is nearly equal to the GDP of Honduras (18.8 billion USD). Dubai’s four richest billionaires are Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Majid Al Futtaim, Khalaf Al Habtoor and Abdulla Al Futtaim. According to Forbes data, their total assets were $ 18.7 billion.

Dubai is building the entertainment complex Dubailand with a total estimated cost of $ 64.3 billion, more than 150,000 times Susan G. Komen’s revenue in 2012 ($428,897).