The Life Of 16 Year-Old Young Master In Dubai, Owns The Zoo At Home

The young master living in Dubai owns the shoe collection, a private zoo at home with hundreds of wild animals. He recently gave the viewer a close-up look inside the house.

According to the Daily Mail, Rashed Saif Belhasa, 16 years old, very famous on Instagram with 1.5 million people following. Young master in Dubai lived with his family at the villa. It is large enough to use electric vehicles whenever want to move anywhere inside the ground of this villa.

From the large living room, the viewer can magnify the eye towards the Zoo which is built for the Dubai young master by his family. The Zoo has from normal animals, to the rare wild animals such as lions, tigers, jaguar, bears,…

There are a number of Hollywood stars type A is often invited to visit this zoo. The young master owned the whole room that has all expensive brand shoes like the Yeezys, Bapes and Air Jordans with total value up to $1 million.

When filmmakers asked about having a private Zoo with the whole world, Rashed showed quite modest. “I don’t like the bombastic”, the young master of Dubai said. He explained that the Zoo is not opened for customers and the family is also not profiting from this zoo.

“We take care of all animals here. I have been to Kenya and seen lots of lions are dying slowly because of starvation, so I decided to bring them home to nourish. Here they are fed every day, instead of once a month as before”, Rashed said.

Rashed became famous from last year when he was donated the Ferrari F12 which costs $255,000 by his father on his birthday. Until now, Rashed is still not 18 to be able to drive the car off the road. He hired a company to stick Louis Vuitton Supreme decal on the inherent yellow supercar.